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Perdix Engineering is a premier engineering resource firm with deep roots in the energy capital of the world - Houston, Texas. Our expertise is providing mechanical engineering related services for product design, review and development.

When reviewing existing designs, Perdix can find ways to improve performance and in most cases, provide a turn-key solution - from concept development all the way through the design process, prototyping, retooling and commercialization.

We will provide engineering services for companies who do not have engineering staff or who just need additional resources. In addition to all this, Perdix offers assistance/guidance in support of API or ISO audit preparation, independent testing witnessing or third-party (hydrostatic/fire) testing.

Regardless of the size of your company, we can help you.

Charles C. Partridge


Charles C. Partridge, a 1967 graduate of Texas A&M University, is a Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Texas.

Mr. Partridge has a career spanning more than 40 years primarily devoted to design, product improvement and innovation of valves and piping related products. He is named on fourteen (14) different patents in the U.S. Patent Office for multiple valve designs and other flow related products. These patents are associated with conservatively $375 million dollars in product sales over the past 25 years. All products designed to the appropriate industry standards or practices including ASTM, ANSI, ASME, API, FCI, and MSS.

In his 40 year experience, Mr. Partridge has worked not only on design and development of valve and flow related products, but he has also held significant administrative roles such as: Sr. Design Engineer, Engineering Manager and Manager of Engineering and New Technology to name a few. He enjoys working with both large and small organizations for unique challenges each present. 

Let his expertise and extensive experience benefit your company!